Biker at Heart – Global Motorcycle Community

Motorcycles are one of the best creations ever on earth and so come the feelings that live with Motorcycling. Only a Biker can understand what every other Biker feels and what it means.We all are proud being Bikers at Heart.

Bikeratheart is a Web Gateway for Motorcycle Enthusiasts in the world. It is a NON-NEWS platform and is dedicated to encouraging Motorcycling.

Founded in 2010 and grown ever since. We have seen lots of ups and downs but never wanted to die, So, continuing our journey , we have started this platform. We have built first of its kind platform, that is Non-News based dedicated to discussing and promoting Motorcycling in all aspects.

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Feel free to send us anything you would like to share with the world and that you want to get featured on our next upcoming Blog post.