We all know bikes are fast. And when we say fast, its not limited. Worshipping speed on Motorcycles is a common known phenomenon. Motorcycles, especially with higher capacity engines, are way too quicker than any other road vehicle. Although thrilling and exciting, it may prove fatal in a blink of an eye. ‘Concentration on road and proper control of bike’ are two important factors when you ride fast and should be taken care of.
The faster you move, more concentration is required with chance of negligible mistake and eventually if gone out of control, the harder you hit. And on a bike, you’ll always loose more than if you were on a 4 wheeled vehicle. With great power comes great responsibility.

Alcohol and drugs
Even little alcohol and a micronium of drugs will highly affect your riding ability. There is no thing in the world as is called a “Safe level of Alcohol” if you ride. Riding and Alcohol are two things that are complete rivals. Alcohol effects one’s mental ability and increase the reaction time. Hence, if something comes in front of you in a blink, you won’t be able to react in a fraction of a second. You don’t want to end up with injuries to yourself and your beloved motorbike.

Riding tired affects reaction times and increases time needed to make judgements. Take a break, sleep well, drink sufficient water and open your eyes. If you crash because of fatigue, that would be the most silliest mistake ever. Don’t let fatigue take your passion away from you.

At 40km/h you travel 22m in just 1 second, and that is realized only when you have to break all of the sudden. Even a flying paper on the road will make you tremble if you did not notice. Break hard and you may loose control. A rear brake pressed hard in such a situation may leave your rear wheel skid to the side leaving you out of control. It can prove real fatal if there is more fast traffic behind you. Think of yourself and your family who is waiting for you at home.

Gear and maintenance
The best thing you can do when you are going to ride your motorbike is wearing proper gear. The right gear and awareness can change your ride forever. You feel more confident. Your skin is not exposed. Riding gear not only protects you from injuries, it help to provide comfort in different weather conditions. Most importantly, dont ever compromise with quality of helmet and other gear you wear. Don’t just buy gear from yet another corner shop selling cheap and compromised quality gear, take time and do your research first. It is better if you go to shop yourself and try before purchase.
Spend atleast 20-30% of your bike’s value on the gear itself.

Always remember, you ride motorcycles to live, enjoy and experience and NOT to kill yourself.

We at Biker at Heart encourage Safety First.
A Biker at Heart effort in encouraging and promoting Rider Safety.
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