Motorcycling is in your blood if you live Biking. These are only some of those reasons when you start feeling what a die hard Biker feels. No one can explain or give a certain explanation as to why they love their Motorcycle so much. If its their in you ! You are a Biker at Heart !

Their are things in life that cannot be explained. Being a Biker at Heart and more precisely as to why you are a Biker at Heart, if asked, is hard to explain. But it is not hard to find a Biker in you if you read through all the points and find yourself in all these points playing a role.

A Biker’s bond to his/her Bike is unexplained and their are feelings that are attached to it that can only be realized. Bikers share common characteristics that everyone will agree to when asked. Without going into more talks, these are the signs ;

You want to spend the best part of your income on Motorcycle and buying a car is only a secondary option for you or if you have not started earning yet, you want your carers to buy you your favorite dream machine or even something close to it.

Your search engine suggestions come up related to motorcycles as you always type something related to bikes on google or other search engines.

You always try to figure out road trips and want hundreds of snaps to share.

You find happiness on open roads and twisties.

You appreciate your fellow Bikers and whenever pass by them, you have a sensation of respect for them and nod or wave at them.

You look for Motorcycle Merchandise whenever you shop online or outside.

You can tell your Motorcycle from how it sounds. You can even tell how it looks at what angle, how it shifts up and down and at what speed. You know its breath well.

You find anything related to Motorcycles interesting and always open a random Motorbike picture on your favorite Social Network.

Your social network stories are full of Motorcycles.

You always wait for holidays and weekends to put your favourite gear on and go for a ride.

You go for a solo ride even if you cannot find friends to accompany you.

You love even the smallest of the twisties on road. You always try to accomplish a twistie like a racer in you and feel honored in yourself when you do good every next time.

You have collection of Motorcycle Goodies.

You have tried to collect Motorcycle Posters, stickers, merchandise, logos, small accessories in your childhood or even now. Some of you have kept your memories in a safe place and cherish every now and then.

You remember your friends more by the Motorcycle they own.

You always give a second glimpse at your Motorcycle after parking and appreciate its beauty.

You have tried to modify your bike in one way or other once in a lifetime.

You wash your Motorcycle even if it is clean and try to find a reason to wash it and spend some time with it.

Your girl friend is jealous from your Motorbike more than anything else.

You have an accident on Motorcycle once or more, small or big and you have reminded it many times and laughed and shared with your friends.

You love air falling on your face and hair more than sitting inside a box in comfort.

You have tried to repair your bike yourself and have made things worst once in lifetime.

Your friends call you a bike freak and you are proud of it.

Sometimes you spend hours looking and searching for that particular Motorcycle wallpaper you have seen earlier over the internet.

You study only one day before your exams and rest of the year you spend with your Motorcycle more.

You dream of spending some time with your favourite Motorcyclist and interview him yourself.

You are aware of every new Motorcycle thing happening around. When people say news, it means Motorcycle News for you.

Of Course their are a lot more reasons to share. Add yours in comments below.

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