An update to our previous post and in support of SINGH’S MC U.A.E who are promoting humanity, brotherhood and the spiritual ideology of Sikhism amongst the youth. The much awaited Website Of SINGHS MC UAE is online now.

You can visit there website here : SINGH’S MC U.A.E
Here is the link to our previous post : SINGH’S MC U.A.E – ‘The Turbanators Riders in the Region

Message from the founder :

As the founder of the Club, Gurnam aims to carry forth the principles of giving back to the Community and that of setting a common platform for Brotherhood of like-minded Sikh youngsters who choose to adopt the same thought as to prove a different identity of riding in Crown “Our Turban”. The longing to introduce Punjabi roots and culture within the region of diverse communities in UAE, led to the birth of SINGHS MC. His vision entails the same story, to serve the community through the sacred act of giving and spreading awareness of ‘Sikhism’ amongst the youth who tend to ignore the importance of our history and the sacrifice of our Dashmesh Pita, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji who gave upon his life in order to keep our Sikh identity immortal.

It truly hasn’t been an easy-going journey, Gurnam has faced his part of hurdles to give birth to this visionary thought. However, in his mind he knew it wasn’t impossible and the dedicated, combined efforts of each member being rider or supporter have made it a success.
He Counts “We still have a long way to go, this is just the beginning.”

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